Citing the QDA Paper


I have been surprised and honored to have people continue to cite this ten year old article over the years.  It has been a pleasant recurring "fifteen minute" experience.

In response to two recent requests (in the summer of 2008), I am posting a suggested way of citing this document.  This is not necessarily the the best or most appropriate citation form.  It is simply one that seems to make sense until somebody kindly educates me otherwise and shows me that there is a better or more appropriate way.


Seidel, John V., (1998) Qualitative Data Analysis, (originally published as Qualitative Data Analysis, in The Ethnograph v5.0: A Users Guide, Appendix E, 1998, Colorado Springs, Colorado: Qualis Research).


A Brief History


This paper, titled Qualitative Data Analysis, was originally part of the manual for The Ethnograph v4. It was revised and included the 1998 manual for The Ethnograph v5 as Appendix E.  It has been available as a separate document on the Qualis Research web site since 1998.  It has not been revised or changed since 1998.

You can freely download, copy, print and disseminate the QDA Paper if 1) the copyright notice is included, 2) you include the entire document, and 3) you do not alter the document in any way.

This paper represents some, but not all, of the ideas of myself, John Seidel, the developer of The Ethnograph. I reserve the right to revise and change my ideas as I continue to develop them.  Also keep in mind that it is a ten year old paper.